But I’m Le Tired…

Getting off the plane we had to find customs and then the baggage claim area. While we were walking I was trying to connect to the airport wifi, which is really quite difficult considering I can’t read Japanese. I was able to message family and boyfriend to let them know about our safe arrival.

At customs, they took our fingerprints and a mug shot (lovely picture I might add). From there, we speed walked to baggage claim so that we wouldn’t miss our bus. Bought our tickets and waited for the bus and then about an hour ride to the subway station where K was waiting for us 🙂

It was so nice to see her again! Her hair is longer and she’s so oh my goodness skinny, haha. Missed her.

We put money on the subway card and rode on it for one stop. From there, we walked (hopefully I’ll remember tomorrow) to K’s apartment.

…to be continued (I’m pooped).


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