Nicole: 1 Jet Lag: 0

I passed out last night (Japan time) around 10pm and slept until almost 7am! Yay me! I think its because of the mini-nap/all-nighter I pulled on the plane ride over here.

I woke up with enough time to really wake up my brain and then take a shower (I smell Japanese now) and go. We walked to the subway and I’d like to think I remembered how to get there but idk if I would have been as confident if K wasn’t with us.

In the station was a completely different story. I was so confused and K had to tell us this way this way!

Go on the crowded subway during rush hour – CHECK!

Long train ride and lots of people. They have sweat towels…I think I should get one and I’m so glad I brought deodorant! But can I just say that Japanese people sweat so well. They’re so composed and not like hot sweaty dogs. I have to learn their secret!

Right now we’re sitting in a little restaurant. We had breakfast (I had a hot dog because I’m boring, E had a sandwich). The iced coffee is bomb. Mm mm good! If you follow me on instagram (ohhnicooleee), you can see this picture:


The plan is to walk around the underground mall for a bit and have Ramen for lunch! Wohoo!!

Until then…


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