On the Plane

August 26 – 2:10pm-9pm

We were able to board the plan really quickly because they boarded people travelling with children right after the priority people (score!!)

A little while later, the plane started moving backwards and around the tarmac. The announcements started and then we were off. H told me to close my eyes and think about something else: think about candy or the zoo!
The seats facing us have screens on the back and there are so many options! TV shows, movies, music…I didn’t know what to choose.

So far I’ve watched The Big Bang Theory, Rise of the Guardians (which I reallllly like, but I fell asleep), and Cinderella (which I only put on for background noise).

I also tried out the Sirius stations. I listened to one song on the country one (for the boyfriend’s sake…I think it was Tim McGraw – if it was I’ll be so proud of myself lol) then switched to another station and Eminem started playing, haha.

I’m settled with Rocky now as I’m writing this first part of the post but I was working on my crocheting earlier.

It’s okay. I think its sweet how much he’s into Adrienne. He goes to visit her every day even though she doesn’t say a word to him. He asks her out so calmly through her bedroom door. He looks at her like she’s the most beautiful thing…but of course this is the stuff I’d get out of a Rocky movie.

Anyways, they served us dinner – chicken and little tapioca sized pasta, a little spicy for my boring taste buds. H only ate dinner rolls with butter. The stewardesses have been kind enough to refill my water bottle several times (extra bonus for this camel) We all napped a little.

H has gone from Treehouse shows to her 3DS and now E’s iPhone. Hopefully she’ll sleep again later.

August 26 9pm- August 27 1am

Wait, so he lost? …if he loses in the other movies too, I don’t know if there’s a point in watching them haha.

I finished Rocky, was going to start Jaws but decided against it. While I was thinking about it the next movie, they served us some more food.

Saved the sandwich for later but I had a bite of E’s and I’m not sure I’ll eat it later. I’m just worried because I didn’t pack much snacks, but really I’m most concerned about water (obviously lol).

I watched The Croods. I really liked it! It was so cute 🙂 I almost cried -.- ; it was so touching. Anyways, moving on to Bridget Jones’ Diary – a favourite. I think up next will be How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days, wohoo!

E and H are sleeping. I guess I should sleep…I’ll try in a bit, but I think we’re almost there. Two or three more hours maybe.

August 27 2am

I forgot how much I love Bridget Jones’ Diary. I love it. It makes me smile all weird while watching it and I give happy little sighs. Ugh, I’m so weird.

They served us breakfast – an omelette with fruit – and I ate it while watching She’s All That (flashback to my childhood right there haha). Its kinda gross. But the fruit was good.
I think we sorta pulled an all-nighter. Yay us! They made an announcement saying that we’d arrive around 4:30pm (Japan time)…hopefully it doesn’t take too long to adjust to the time difference.


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