Happy Birthday, Baby Girl!!

E and I had cereal this morning while H was still asleep. We got all fancy and added sliced bananas. We cool.


Yum in my tum.

H finally woke up and ate 8 cinnamon corn pops because genius E gave her the idea that because its her eighth birthday she can do everything in 8’s. She did however drown her pops in chocolate milk. So…that’s a good sugary start to her birthday.

We played make a H cake and rolled her up in the blankets. Then she wanted to make a fish cake and she pretended to be a fish I had to try to catch her hahaha.

After that we played zoo. She was in the kitchen, E was zoo keeper, and I was zoo doctor. Fun fun fun!!!


We’re going to get ready to explore and have lunch soon at one of the places FF suggested, maybe look for some makeup and hair colour.

We won’t stay out too long. Its so hot out. We’ll come back after lunch and the drug store 🙂

K said the news mentioned the typhoon might be coming…that means rain. Pray for our safety and that we’ll still be able to have fun and stay dry!

Tonight is birthday surprise 😀

Look out for another post to come!


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