Quiet Doesn’t Happen When You’re on Vacation

So much for a quiet, chill evening…

We heard sirens and I asked K if it was an ambulance. She thought for a second and told me it was the fire truck.

She started to get ready for her shower. I said to H that it sounded really close and asked her to go listen to see what they were saying. We figured it was coming from the other side of the building!

We went outside and walked a few steps and there were FIVE firetrucks lined up along the street.


They were trying to get into an apartment across the street. I don’t think anyone was home because they were knocking and knocking and we could see that some firefighters were walking through the building to knock on the door on the other side. We could even see the smoke through the glass door.

They eventually got the door open (without breaking the glass, GG) and put the fire out.

It was slightly anticlimactic, but still rather exciting to see all that action close up!


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