Underground Mall, Grocery Store Seiyu (August 28, Part 1)

K sneaked away for work after a little bit and we (HEN) went to the underground mall. Every store we walked into had the cutest things. Every corner we walked around had us saying, “cuuuuuutttteee!!!”

I saw the little yellow bird that my sister likes. It was on almost every shelf in any size you wanted. H pointed to all of them, “Jehjeh, look! Styne likes this! You have to buy it!” …but I didn’t yet. Maybe there’s something even more adorable at another mall.


Those little brown things were tiny plastic groundhogs characters. They’re really cute – don’t get me wrong – but when I saw them I wanted to turn to my sister (miss you, bro) and say, “is that poop?” We also saw the mushrooms from the mushroom game (that I deleted because I struggle -.-). If I was more obsessed, I’d want to buy all the characters. Thankfully, I’m not mushroom crazy!


That picture of the Pocky is plastic and cute and I liked it so I took a picture. The TED dolls in that above are about the size of my hand but the store had them bigger too. I haven’t ever seen TED dolls in Canada, have you?

K got us a wireless router that we could carry around with us, but it had been on almost 6 hours before we got to the mall because jet lagged E woke up at 2 (smh :p). Good thing we had the little baby phone that allows us to call K.

Our mini tour guide called her for us to figure out where to meet her.


We had ramen! So yummy! I didn’t get a chance to get a picture of the line up because there were so many people. What happens is there is a machine where you enter in your order and pay, then it spits out a ticket for you to take. Then you line up and wait to be seated. Each table has chopsticks, spoons, a tissue box, glasses, condiments, and a jug of water. When we finished eating, we got up and left – easy peasy.

K walked us back to the subway and HEN rode it back to our station – all by ourselves 😀 It is so clean…the floor shines!


We walked back home to get H’s bike and she rode (we walked behind her) to Seiyu (supermarket) down the street. E and H changed their purses to little pouches. H tells us that it fits a lot. She actually managed to squeeze a lot inside, but E struggled a bit. I got us a tiny little cart (I guess Japanese people don’t buy a lot of groceries at once) and H guided us around the store. The screens by the cash register said Walmart! Walmart in Japan…I think that’s called globalization, yes? At the checkout, they give you a little yellow basket to take to a bagging area. We left the store and went to the bike parking lot. H pressed a few buttons and her bike was released.


We walked back home and oh my goodness was I sweating or what! Not even graceful Japanese sweating, but gross forehead dripping wet back sticky all over sweating. I took a fast shower and we sat and cooled down.

Playing with dolls and toys now until K gets off work.

I wonder what we’ll have for dinner?

P.S. Miss you, mama! ♥


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