H Birthday Surprise…at Disney!

We had lunch at First Kitchen. Our first time ordering in our own. H helped us, but she got distracted half way and left me hanging! E had a burger of some sort and I had the carbonara pasta (step up from chicken nuggets). I didn’t want to get the burger or any sandwich because my boring side was worried about the strange condiments they’d put on it. The pasta was good…for a come and go restaurant. See for yourself!


After lunch, we stopped by home and then H showed us the way to her school! It seemed a little complicated on the way there, but we were able to find our way home so it wasn’t too bad.


We got back home and showered because obviously walking around in the heat has this Canadian girl sweating buckets. We showered and did our faces then played zoo again.

An hour before we had to leave H started getting sleepy! I cut up banana for her and slathered Nutella all over it in the hopes that the sugar might give her some energy. Didn’t really work. When me and E went to change into our dresses, H flopped herself on the bed. I had to change her into her dress like a baby! Silly girl 🙂

I put H on my back, and we walked to the station to meet K.


As we got closer to the station, H asked to be let down. I think she didn’t want to see like a baby being carried when we met K. She’s a big girl now, of course! We waited for K, and H was practically sleeping standing up. We waited maybe five minutes before K got there and then ran to catch the bus to…DISNEY!

H added body heat to my already sweating body -.- Here I am on the bus trying to sweat gracefully…it didn’t work, by the way.


H did eventually pass out (on the twenty minute bus ride). K carried her as we walked around the different stores and the Disney store! The Disney happiness must have seeped into her blanket to reach her face, because she woke up and explored the store with us 🙂

image image image

You can never fail to find toys oozing adorableness at the Disney store. I wanted to buy all those tiny character key chains. I refrained…sadly. While we waited for our reservation, we walked by a cafe (or bakery?) with Mickey pastries. The buffet had Mickey sushi! Do all Disney restaurants to that? I don’t think so! …only in Japan 🙂

The buffet was okay. Not like regular buffets that I’m used to with monstrous mountains of food, even though I usually still only pick at the foods that I like with all the options. I had smoked salmon, salad and baby cucumbers with sesame dressing (yum), miso soup, and roast beef! K chose this restaurant just so we could meet all the characters (Minnie, Mickey, Pluto, and Donald) for H’s birthday. Such a thoughtful mommy!


At first they didn’t come to visit our table! They passed us! We almost had to call my mama in Canada to complain to management for us! …then they came, and all was well. H ate (ballpark) 50 cherry tomatoes and those shrimp chip things that usually come with the fried chicken at Chinese restaurants. Oh well, she likes what she likes.

E and H were really tired, so we caught the bus back home.


We walked back home from the bus stop. I think the walk woke them up a bit, but after getting settled into bed they both passed out. H was just playing her DS, then she all of a sudden closes and puts it away. When I looked at her again two minutes later, she was asleep!

I tried writing this post and talking to the boyfriend a bit, but sleep caught up to me and I passed out too…finishing this post at 6 in the morning because I had to wake up to pee :/

I wonder what the rest of the day will bring?


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