Pre-Aquarium Shenanigans

The one thing I definitely wanted to do while in Japan was visit the aquarium – any aquarium.

Last night, K told us that she took off a half day for today. We had to think of what we wanted to check off our list of things to do that would be easier to do with her (something more complicated that would probably make us lost).

This morning, we were all up before 7am. We lounged in bed for a little while, but I got hungry. I brushed my teeth and had my cereal with banana again. It was yummy. I think I’m gonna have that as my breakfast more often when I get home!

After we ate, we (HEN) all kinda ended up on the couch, watching TV. E retired to the bed and passed out. H rolled out from cuddling with me and watched her show. I passed out for a little while too. Not even an hour later, I opened my eyes and H was sitting in front of me: jehjeh, I’m hungry. Oh boy. She cut up a banana for herself and I slathered on some Nutella to get her energy up.

I started getting ready and I told her to wake E up. I was changing when H said she had to open the door for a second (she wanted to spray bug spray). I heard voices. Who is she talking to?? Her friends had dropped by and wanted to play. But we had to go, so she said bye to them and we left shortly after that.

We rode the subway to K’s building, but we were distracted by our phones and missed our stop! We got off and went back…but when we were at the station we had to find the right stairs to meet K and that proved to be a little difficult.

I got us a little lost but I found a map! We were on the wrong floor (haha oops..).

I had another iced coffee latte and then K came down to the lobby. We walked to the soba restaurant.

Break. Pause.

I must emphasize how hot it was today. There is no air circulating around me. There is not even the slightest breeze for most of the day. Whenever I do feel a hint of something, its hot air that slaps me in the face. Its so hot that I sweat from my eyeballs (not really, but still -.-“)!!

End break. Unpause (aka Play).

We got to the restaurant and waited outside to be seated. Japanese people are so well-behaved. They line up so nicely and patiently. Why can’t everyone be like that? E got the cold soup soba and I got the hot soup. Hers came with fresh wasabi that you grate over your soup (Cooking Mama style).


After lunch, we took a washroom break before getting back on the train. This is where I get to mention a little bit of TMI and tell you all that I used the little butt water sprayer thing in the toilet. Not bad, not wonderful, but not as uncomfortable as I thought it would be. The toilet also plays a rushing water soundtrack to drown out the sounds of you expelling bodily fluids…


We walked to Tokyo Station (kinda like Union Station). It was big and busy and bustling.


This post is getting long and I’m pooped.
Next post will be about the Aquarium! Wooohoooo!!


2 thoughts on “Pre-Aquarium Shenanigans

  1. is riding the subway as crazy as I think it is? do people actually push you in?? last time I was there (over 20 years ago!) we kept waiting for the next train, then the next, thinking it would get less crowded. 4 trains later….we just went in one. nobody pushed us in, but it was crowwwwwded. miss you darling! glad you’re having a great time (sweat and all 🙂 )

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