Anime Crazy

We spent the morning at home. I was able to sleep in a little bit.

K made us breakfast and lunch. Yummmmmmy! For breakfast, we had pizza bread and I had a coffee, and for lunch noodles with cold soup.




We sat around a little bit then…we made a spontaneous decision (which I’ll reveal when I get home…possibly before that, but it’ll be a surprise for now).

We braced ourselves for the heat and made our way to the anime street. I didn’t take that many pictures because 1 I was melting and 2 it was way too crazy.


We passed by a Uniqlo store and we just had to make a stop. I bought some things (maybe for you…maybe not ;p) Then we kept walking to where the craziness was waiting for us.

The stores and the street were packed…it smelled like sweaty boys :/ But people were literally sweating through their clothes. E was able to find a few things for G, B, and C.

One of the people K asked told us that they don’t really have any merchandise sold for the anime that GBC like. So after E got a few things, we made our way back home.

K had the idea that going to the hot springs in the evening would be better because that’s as cool as its going to get…so we’re going. Tonight. After I finish this post.

I won’t be bringing my phone to take pictures, but the plan is to go in to the swimming suit section. The plan after that is to go into the naked section…fun. Wish me luck!


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