Aquarium – CHECK!

The walk to the aquarium so horrible. Let go back home, its way too hot kind of horrible. Did I mention it was uphill? But when I saw the entrance, I was back up to high energy level. The excitement grew in my stomach and I could hardly contain myself. I did a little dance.

I was like a little kid in a candy store (now people will call that kind of happiness “like Nicole at the aquarium”). The first tank we saw had me enchanted. I ran up to it and did a little wiggle. I didn’t even want to take pictures because it doesn’t even compare to seeing it before your eyes. They’re so beautiful and stirs up so much wonder in my heart, so much appreciation and awe for our Creator.


The Epson Aqua Stadium is actually one of the smaller aquariums in Japan, I think. Which is true to my experience, most of the space was taken up by the seal pool and the area for the dolphin show (we attended both). We sat three rows from the front and got splashed by the dolphins. Fun except that the plastic poncho created a sauna to-go kind of experience.


We went back home and E took a nap (K passed out too). H was really good and played quietly to herself with the Lego. I played a little but I was mostly resting on the floor beside her. She’s so creative and tries hard to make different things out of the pieces.


I made the tree and helped with the doghouse, but everything else is all H.

I got hungry. K was only sleeping lightly so she woke up on her own. I asked H to wake E up, but she was reluctant. So I got up and pulled the monkey off her face. She freaked out a little, but she started her waking up process.

We went to eat Izakaya! Yummy in my tummy! 🙂


After dinner, we went home and E passed out again. H played for a little bit but she fell asleep on the couch.

K and I were able to catch up a little bit. We talked about some of the drama, and she told me about how I’m young and don’t know anything about the world. Then she sent me off to bed where I fell asleep within minutes.


6 thoughts on “Aquarium – CHECK!

    1. It was really yummy. I can’t really speak for the sushi because we didn’t order any, but what we did order was so good.

      The only thing that bothered me was the heavy smoke. There was a couple tables by ours that were smoking…but that might not bother everyone.

  1. Aww such red cheeks…mmm I c a few things on the ‘seafood menu’, o pics haha…wow ppl smoking in a restaurant eh, so unheard of…

    1. They have smoking rooms in the underground mall we went to. Glass rooms that they smoke in. Restaurants have a smoking area separate to non smoking (except the izakaya we went to) but there’s no real wall to separate so its still a little smokey.

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