Miss Independent

We slept in this morning again. H was awake before us, because her battery was fully charged.

K sent her out to get milk. E and I freaked. What? She’s going out by herself? She knows how? She’s so grown!! Ahhhh!!

She came back all safe and sound, and we got ready to eat breakfast (brunch? It was like 10:30…).

We had waffles from Manneken, a small store at the Akihabara station we went to yesterday. Apparently, they used to be all over the place but started closing down and that’s the only one that’s close by now.


Anyways, I had a plain one (obviously) and a maple flavoured one (to be adventurous haha). The other day, K let me try her banana flavoured soy milk, yummy. I jokingly suggested putting it in my coffee to see how it would turn out. This morning, she asked if I wanna try, and I was all like whaaaaaaat. So she gave me a little cup to just try a little bit. I added a tiny bit of sugar and the banana soy milk, then in the other cup sugar and regular milk. Not bad, not bad.


The bag says, “Our waffles are made of selected ingredients. Enjoy them at breakfast or in the afternoon.” I said, “but not at night!”…because I’m funny like that.


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