The Hot Spring

It was wonderful. In other words, if it included an aquarium, I’d live there forever.

I wish I had gotten some pictures but I didn’t want to be worrying about my phone. So I guess this post will be a little text heavy…

We got on a free (whaaaat) shuttle to the hot spring place. At the entrance, you take off your shoes and put them in a locker. Then we went to line up (like all the Japanese people do) to get wristbands that would act as our tab for the night. They gave us a robe and towels, and we headed to the lockers. HEN put on our swimsuits and K went to go sit in the sauna.

H was so cute. She brought us to all the different areas to try to see which one we liked. (The spring water, unless otherwise mentioned, is so clean and clear…I just…there’s no words) There was one area that had a cave tunnel and a little alcove. That one had the coolest water. The second section had (I think six) small hot tub size pools that we could sit in. This one was my favourite. The water was warm but not too hot and it was a good size to share. Then we crossed a little ‘river’ to what looked like an igloo but was made out of some kind of stone. We went in, but it was way too hot for me. The water was hot and the air inside was hot. I felt like I couldn’t breathe. H was hospitable enough to bring us to another one. This one was set in a little cabana type area. The water was coloured (H explained that something was added to the water that’s good for your skin. Okay, thank you, baby girl. You so genius.) I barely dipped my toes in and I was like nope. H brought us back to my favourite area and we sat for a little bit.

I told them about how I was worried about going to the naked area because it would be too hot. H was so thoughtful and suggested different things. They convinced me and we went to go find K. But as we were walking, she came walking out. What a coincidence!

We had forgotten to eat! So we went to walk around the food area to look. We settled down with this one restaurant type place. We ordered through the machine again and handed the man behind the counter our tickets. I’m not sure what happened or what the confusion was but we waited (very patiently) for our food. It took a really long time and people who were seated after us got their food before us. Finally, K went to go say something and they gave us our food. But H’s fries were cold. We got a new batch of hot fries and they gave us more drinks as an apology.


Sitting there eating after being in the warm water was hard. Hard as in we had been lulled into a sleepy, warm and cozy kind of state.

(We tried to find a seat in the relaxation room – a room filled with rows of lazy-boy type chairs with TVs attached – but they were all taken)

We went into the naked area. It was so nice. The area is separated for just women (I guess men have their own section?). We went outside and sat in the little pool area. The water was warm and the breeze (from the typhoon that just missed us) was cool. It was so perfect.

I had a really special time with H (good bonding time) while K and E were in another small pool area (too hot for me). She was so giggly and cute. Good times.

Then one of the tubs became free and we rushed to occupy it. The water inside was cloudy. I don’t know why. Apparently some of the water from the springs just looks like that.

We showered in the individual showers (which I think I need one of those back home) and then got ready to go home.

In bed now, cozy and tired. I rushed the last parts of our time at the hot springs, but its mostly covered.

The next post will start with a small anecdote about a rather large bug.

Until then…7 more sleeps.


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