First Day of School! First Day of School! (Finding Nemo Voice)

Starting this post with a recap of yesterday’s meals 🙂


The waffles that I already talked about. For lunch, K originally planned for us to try this cafe place, but the line was too long so we had to improvise. We went somewhere else, and I had fried chicken that came with rice, tofu, miso soup, and a pickled something (that I didn’t eat). We went to Seiyu again to pick up some groceries for dinner. K made miso soup, potatoes with bacon, broccoli, washed baby tomatoes, and tin foil wrapped salmon (topped with salt, onions, two different mushrooms, and butter…which I helped prepare and wrap :D).

After dinner, we got hazu ready for bed. E and I braided her hair so that she’d have wavy hair for the first day of school. She was so cute. When K was putting her to sleep, H was all worried about how to sleep on her hair!

(Side note: in case I forget to mention is somewhere else…I am forever stuck to chairs. Story of my life. Gross.)

This morning, E and I helped H take the braids out of her hair and sat with her while she ate and got ready for school.

Here’s our baby!!


We saw her out the door as she walked to school all by her big girl self :’). I even saw down to the street other little yellow hats walking to school. So cute. (Notice her lack of a peace sign with her fingers. When she first came to Canada to visit, she had that peace sign in all the pictures…not anymore)

I made myself a coffee for breakfast to go along with my Frosted Flakes (no banana…sad).


H only has half day today, so we’re just sitting around until she gets home. Then maybe lunch, underground mall again, and dinner with K when she gets off work!


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