Ain’t Nobody Like A Homebody

I forgot to mention yesterday that we went to the washroom at one of the stations…and we saw this:


I peed in that. A little proud of myself. In another country, I would have just held it, but Japan is clean. We went to Lawson the convenience store and got dessert! Soft serve in a container, cool. The other shot is of snacks at the counter at the convenience store kinda like those hot dogs roller things you might see at the gas station.

I missed H leaving for school this morning. I was in and out of sleep while she was getting ready, but I missed it.

E and I woke up and didn’t really feel like having cereal again, so we won’t on an adventure! It was the first time we went out without K or H with us, and we survived. Yay!

We walked to Seiyu (owned by Walmart. Funny how we’re on the other side of the world and our go-to is still a Walmart. How do they have such control over us??). We were contemplating buying snacks and candies for when we leave, but the AC is off at home while we’re out so we didn’t want to risk it.

We forgot to bring a bag to Seiyu. We’re so new -.- We bagged our stuff with the little clear plastic baggies. On the way home, we finally bought something from a vending machine! I got the coffee latte drink, and E got a grape juice to at it safe.

By the time we got home, we were already sweating. Don’t underestimate Japanese heat. We cooked our lunch and ate at the table.


Maybe soup udon was a bad idea, but it was yummy. I added the broccoli and poached an egg to be fancy. E had tofu with her cold noodles.

We’ve just been laying around waiting for H to come back from school. She had a half day again. Then we’re going to start our journey to the dollar store!


Once a homebody always a homebody.


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