Korean BBQ Like You’ve Never KBBQ-ed Before


That seems like an appropriate introduction to this post. -nod-

We were seated, and the waitress brought us wet towels to wipe our hands and left us the menus. K ordered for us and they brought out our dishes.


I was a little pessimistic. How could a few slices of meat fill me? (In hindsight, I only order a small steak…4oz with a salad at the Keg so yeah :/ its filling.) K put the first four cuts of meat on the grill and then dished them out for us.

Oh. My. Goodness. So. Good. So. Good.

I even tried the liver and steak tar tar *pats self on the back*. Steak tar tar, not horrible. Liver, no thank you.

We ordered the Korean soup with rice as an afterthought. As long as its not too spicy, I told K. It was really yummy. I was feeling a little bloated, but I had to keep eating. So good. Then I turn to my left and E is telling me she doesn’t know how I can be eating it. It really wasn’t that spicy!…and if you know me I can handle no spice at all (but I’m starting to think that maybe I can handle different spices. For example, Korean soup is okay, but wasabi is not okay.)

No words. Just so good.


They gave us bibs (not for careless eaters but for the splash from the grill). H had such a good time cooking for us. She’s a big girl now! On our place mats were a bunch of different faces. The waitress explained that these were the various providers of the beef. This lady was the one who was providing our meat for the night. Cool. There’s a smokestack about the grill so there wasn’t any smoke.

Really fun. Really yummy. I’d recommend it, but I don’t know where it is and I don’t know what its called. I do, however, know it is close to Daimon Station!

We have a tentative plan for our last few days here and the dinners…going home soon.

Five more sleeps.

PS. Happy 19th Birthday, sister! I love you 🙂


One thought on “Korean BBQ Like You’ve Never KBBQ-ed Before

  1. you were missed at the birthday bbq. it was nice to have all the rest of the family there to celebrate with my mom, your mom, and everyone else. it would have been more perfect if you and frank were there also. gun range was pretty cool. Sister girl totally kicked a$$! xoxo

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