Can Do!

My stomach started feeling all funny after brunch, but I thought I was just too full. I pushed the feeling aside. My mom called me on Viber and I talked to her for a bit. She had just got home from my sister birthday dinner at Baton Rouge. She had a giant cookie “cake” and was so happy about it.


H came home. She rang the doorbell and she had to jump up and down so we could see her on the video monitor. She’s so cute, heehee.

I made her a snack while she did her homework and I had a coffee for myself (probably not a good idea with the button I was feeling in my tummy).


Don’t I “cook” good food?

My stomach was sounding like something out of an alien movie, so I tried to sleep it off while E sat with H to finish her homework.

They woke me up and we started our adventure to the dollar store. We didn’t get lost and made it back home after. Success!


We always end up at the Seiyu. This was a different one, but still. The dollar store is called Can Do. I had to control myself in there. There were so much neat stuff! …I bought scrunchies. How far back in time have I gone to think scrunchies are cute again? I was so close to buying those squishy pillow things, but I kept telling myself junk junk junk. I don’t need an adorable heart squishy pillow 😥

The ginger ale I got is Canada Dry. Canada Dry in Japan! Woohoo! Okay, I’m calm now.

K gave us directions to two dollar stores in the same area, but we only went to the one. I think I bought enough scrunchies for one day.


Here is a picture of eggs I saw on TV.
The yolk is 20g.
It looks the size of a golf ball.
…just thought I’d share.


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