Conveyer Belt + Sushi = Sushi in Japan

We were originally going to shabu shabu (Japanese Hot Pot) tonight but we ate a lot of meat last night…so we went sushi!

I came to Japan knowing I’d have to eat raw fish eventually; I’d had it before at home in Canada, but only a couple of bites.


It was a fun experience. The first part being that we were given cups and green tea powder. At our tables, we had a spout that dispensed hot water. H made our tea 🙂 Then we just grabbed plates off the belt and K also ordered other plates from the menu. On the wall, they had the different prices for different colour plates…which made a lot of sense. How else would they have kept track of what we had eaten.

The raw fish was okay. I don’t see the big commotion over it. I had avocado salmon roll, so I tasted mostly avocado and soya sauce -with a hint of salmon.

Oh! We sat at a table connected to the belt so the waitress left the bill on the table. If you sit bar style along the belt, they hang your bill on the back of you chair. Neat, eh?

Wednesday tomorrow. Hump day. After tonight, its only 3 more sleeps…kinda hard to believe.

Three more sleeps.


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