E was rushing me to get ready to go to Disney this morning. I was getting some cash to bring to the park, and E and H were outside the door waiting for me. I was crouched down and I started shaking. Were my legs all wobbly from all the walking I’ve been doing? But it wasn’t just me shaking. I looked into the room and around me and everything was shaking. They peeked in at me and stepped in from outside. They felt it too. It lasted maybe 30-45 seconds.

I was so freaked out. K called us on the baby phone. Were we okay? We’re fine. We’re okay.

Nothing fell to the floor and there was no more shaking after that…so we went on our way.

Before we came to Japan, K asked if we wanted to go to the earthquake simulator, and I had said no. I thought it was silly to pay for that, kind of along the same lines as the tornado things in malls that I’ve seen. I’m glad I didn’t pay for that. Its scary.


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