Tokyo Disney Sea

We had a really fun (and tiring) day at Tokyo Disney Sea.


We were able to get on a few rides. The first one we went on was Flounder’s…something. I was so relieved when it started raining. God provided some refreshing relief to the heat. The line moved so quickly that after we went on it once we went back in line to ride it again! After that, we found our way to King Triton’s area. I think this was an area for younger children. There was a shipwreck playground and an area where water sprayed up from the ground. We went up these stairs and got caught in the fishermen’s nets!



We went on some spinny cups and another ride that I don’t really remember. It was still a bit early so the lines were really not that bad. E and I started to get really hungry, so after that ride we went to find food.


I got the sausage pizza. It was good. The sauce tastes different than back home, but that’s to be expected. E had the seafood pizza and H had fries.

We went out to look for Jasmine and the flying carpets, then we rode on Sindbad’s ship to learn about his story. That was fun. Its one of those rides where you’re going through it and you get to look at all the scenery on either side. The characters moved really well and they even blinked!

We found Scuttle and went on his ride. I’m thinking now that most of the rides we went on (except Flounder’s) were all spinning rides. Not good for this old lady! Then we boarded a boat that brought us back closer to the entrance of the park.

From there, we set off to find the Toy Story ride! We were warned by K and by the sign at the front that it would he a two hour wait, but we waited in that line (not so willingly on my part, guilty). I’m glad we did. H really enjoyed it and wanted to go again, but we were all really tired (and it was so hot…what’s a post without me mentioning how much I melted today?)

We went back through Venice to the front and browsed some stores. I didn’t really see anything I just had to have, but E got a new (reallllly cute) phone case. She’s been having trouble all trip because no one sells iPhone 4/4S cases anymore only for the iPhone 5. Sad.

We stayed from 10am to 4pm, and caught a taxi back home.

We got home and showered off the ickiness. I’m hungry and my feet are sore. H is popped but she’s doing homework.

K is cooking again for us tonight. Yummy!

P.S. Enjoy a picture of Mickey and Minnie rice scoopers.



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