What’s Better Than Some Home Cookin’?

K made us dinner last night. So good.

Honestly, I was full after what she had given me, but it was so yummy that I had to have even just a little bit more.


Japanese curry, reminiscent of a curry stew. Sigh.

K has been taking really good care of us. I’m going to miss her. I think…I miss her already. Really, I don’t know when we’ll see her again. H will be fine. She has K to take of her. We have more of a chance to see H next year, but K…we don’t know. If we hadn’t come to Japan, we wouldn’t have seen her in a year.

Sad. Sad. Sad.


This morning, we had a simple breakfast. My usual coffee with a yogurt (cute!) and a bun.


It rained this morning. It rained early yesterday morning too, loud thunder and everything, but stopped by the time we woke up. Today it was still raining when H went off to school.

Its not raining anymore. The sun is bright and shining and hot. Yay…


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