Creature of Habit

We went to the underground mall again today, just me and E. We didn’t get lost and we didn’t miss any stops. Yay us!

This time we skipped the character shops and went straight for the department store called Daimaru. And by went straight for, I mean we went to eat first. We had ramen, again. At the same restaurant, and ordered the same noodle. Creatures. Of. Habit.

Since it was only the two of us, we got sat at the bar like table.


See those arms sitting in front of me? Not E. A stranger. How odd, haha.

We walked around Tokyu Hands, and I was able to find my coffee filter dripper thing. Hooraaayyy! So excited to use it. No picture yet. You’ll have to stay tuned to my blog to find out about the first time I use it 😀

Daimaru is overwhelming. There’s so many different floor, and there’s so much to look at. I found that taking pictures of everything couldn’t even communicate what I was seeing. However, I did get a picture of these banana giraffe pastry things. The banana cakes are really popular. People line up just to get some.


Weird, but cool, right?

Walking around the different stands we found the little glutinous balls covered in sesame that we had seen a picture of. We bought a tiny box, of course.

Oh my goodness. Yummy in my tummy.

My shoes were making my poor little baby toes hurt, and we had shopped for about everything we were looking for…so we headed home.

Oh, look at this tiny little Evian bottle that did little to quench my thirst.



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