Shabu Shabu

We finished shopping early, so we picked H up from her afternoon program. But when we got home and it was time for her to do her homework, she got sucky. She was sucky a the way until we sat down for shabu shabu.


We had one side shabu shabu and one side suki yaki (basically the same to me…but maybe I just can’t see the difference). The suki yaki side is a sweet soya sauce base. The shabu shabu (let’s count how many times I write shabu shabu in the post lol) side was a clear soup. We had meat, veggies, noodles, and dumplings. They gave us two sauces to dip. One had a soya sauce base and the other was sesame (I liked this one). The soya sauce base one was sour and I just…no thank you.

It was a yummy dinner, but not one of my favourites. Maybe I’ll do a post about my favourite dinners on this Japan trio when I get back home.

Its starting to dawn on me that I’m going home soon. Two more sleeps. I told K tonight that I’m excited to go home, that’s true…but I’m not excited to leave her or H. That’s the sad part. They’re both my home. To leave them is to leave part of my home – my heart – behind.


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