Sad. Sad. Sad.

Before we left for the airport, H and K made us breakfast.


H scrambled some eggs and made a couple sunny side up. K made the two leftover pizza breads for me and E. We sat to eat together and then cleaned up. 


Me and E got everything together and made sure nothing was left behind. Then we got dressed and walked to have lunch.

K described the place as a Japanese Denny’s. I don’t really see the similarity, but the menu was Denny’s-esque.


You get to serve yourself drinks. So much selection that I just had water and diet coke, haha.

We walked back home and got our luggage. We had to try to get through mounds of people. There was some sort of street festival thing with food stands and people, so many people.

When we got to the airport, it was horrible. There was a looming pink purple polka dotted elephant following us. Even the bus ride over had my stomach in knots. We were leaving, and they weren’t coming with us.

Sad. Sigh.

On the airplane from Japan to San Francisco, I couldn’t sleep. I slept maybe an hour but spent the rest of the time watching movies and listening to music. I watched The Internship (funnnnnnny! Go watch it now!), Epic (pretty epic for an animated movie, I must say), and Walk the Line (…eh, not my cup of tea).

When we got to the airport, we went through customs and transferred our luggage easily. We sat at our gate and I was in and out of sleep for a little bit.

Finally, we got on the plane. We were on our way home!! I put The Kids Are All Right on, but had to pause it half way. I fell asleep (yay!) for three or four hours. Then I woke up and watched the rest. There wasn’t much time left in the flight so I watched a couple of episodes of The Big Bang Theory.

My family came to pick us up from the airport 🙂 My mom and sister. My boyfriend. My uncle (who doesn’t like to be referred to as uncle). E’s mom, brother, and sister. E’s boyfriend. I felt so special. So loved!

We dropped by E’s house. I wanted to late night hot pot, but they weren’t so up to it. My mom, sister, and boyfriend left to go eat. On the way, I got tired. So we just got McDonald’s and went home. Fail outing.

I gave them the stuff I bought for them. Ate my nuggets and some fries, and the exhaustion caught up to me. I sent boyfriend home and I went to bed. I slept until about 5:30 and couldn’t get back to sleep until almost 7:30. I missed church and slept until 11.

I really wanted to sleep more but my mom told me that if I didn’t message her by 11:30 I’d be left out of lunch plans 😥

We went to Ala – boyfriend’s favourite.

It was good to back to the familiar. The yummy in my tummy that I know so well.


Yum. Yum.


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