Home Again

After lunch, I went to my boyfriend’s house. Waved to hello to his dad and talked to his mom a bit. Then we did nothing. We just sat and watches Titanic on TV. It was so nice.

I’m home again.

Back in my bed. Showering in my own washroom. Driving my old, not so good car. With my family. With my boyfriend.

It feels so good 🙂

I asked what we should do for dinner, and F said he didn’t plan anything because he assumed we’d all go out for dinner together. We always do, he said. Whenever someone leaves and comes home, we go out. I told him that I didn’t think there were any plans, and he freaked out a little on the inside. (He says I exaggerate…but this is my blog :p)

We went for dinner where we always go – Sun Dung (aka Magic Wok).  I didn’t get any pictures because I’m nor a tourist anymore…but hey I’m a blogger now! Next time, next time.

“Can I get a picture for my blog?” – K, the non-blogger.

Of course, after Sun Dung, we went to Dairy Queen. Did I mention we’re creatures of habit? I had a caramel sundae and shared with F. My mom went through the pictures on my phone. She had only been keeping up with the posts on here so she didn’t get to see all the pictures.

It got a little late, B had school in the morning and mom and F had work. The sister and S didn’t have class until Tuesday. Me and E…well we’re starting to look.

F came over to sit for a bit. I don’t remember how we got into it, but we started recording different laughs. My laughs were better than his, of course. I should be an actress, if I do say so myself.

If I knew how to upload audio files on here, I’d let you listen. You’d be a little scared…but that’s okay!

I slept through the night. I guess jet lag is going to have to work a little harder to beat me!


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