Before Summer Officially Runs Away

Boyfriend and I were watching something on TV that completely escapes me now, but it made me want hot dogs.

We decided we’d get hot dogs the next day to BBQ them…oh, and bacon too just as an afterthought. Hot dogs, bacon, bacon-wrapped hot dogs. The possibilities seem endless.

But yesterday after church, we had sushi for lunch! I was so, so full. The idea of bacon made my tummy hurt a little. Still, I remembered how much I wanted it the day before and how good it sounded.

It was almost 9 when we decided to go put a few on the BBQ. Even when we were taking them out of its packaging, I was still a little iffy on the whole idea, but once boyfriend starting wrapping that hot dog in bacon…oh yes, good idea.


We had bacon too. F grabbed a piece of tin foil to put on the grill (dripping grease + BBQ = fire hazard). It was dark outside so he kept second guessing how cooked the bacon would be. Good thing I like my bacon extra crispy!


When the bacon was almost done, he moved the bacon-wrapped dogs onto the tin foil too so that they could cook in the bacon grease. So bad, but soooo good!


It was raining, so I hid in the canopy thing and tried to keep warm. It was smelling so good, my tummy was ready! It was so dark out that when he picked up on of the b-dogs (bacon-wrapped) the tip fell off! It looked like a cut off burnt thumb, haha.


While we ate, we tried to think of other things we could create and experiment with on the BBQ. I guess I should start watching that show more…you know, the one with the guy who cooks everything on the BBQ and gets all fancy with it? Yeah, I don’t know either. That’s probably why I have to watch more of it.

Its okay that we eat hot dogs off the BBQ for our “date night”. We’re good like that :p


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