Shopaholic & Baby

I reallly like this book, more than any of the other books in the Shopaholic series anyway (I haven’t read the last one Mini Shopaholic yet).

The main plot line of this book resonated with me. I could actually feel how torn she was that her husband might be having an affair. Broken marriages, unfaithfulness, hopeless relationships…ya, that really hits me hard, even in a chicklit book.

There was this one part, nothing dramatic was really even happening, but all the emotions in me just…I cried (embarrassing). It wasn’t even sad in that moment. All that was going in my head was, “why doesn’t Luke see that he isn’t giving her enough attention?! Of course, she feels threatened by this beautiful, intelligent, successful ex-girlfriend!” Mostly though, I wondered why he couldn’t see her. I understand that he was having troubles with his company and wanted to shield her from that stress, but that shield kept him from her too not just the company troubles.

Anyways…sob sob. The end of the book obviously offered some reconciliation and he said a whole bunch of sweet things that reaffirmed to her (and really to me) how much he loved her.

I think that’s what I’m really worried about…for myself. I’ve seen it so many times in real life, in books, in movies, on tv. I’ve seen the stresses of life make people forget what is important – sometimes to the point where the relationship isn’t even fixable anymore. What if I end up in one of those relationships where we come home and we’re exhausted from the day and we’re annoyed and sour and take it out on each other. Ugh, that sounds horrible. Maybe that’s why people say that it is so important to marry your best friend – someone who brings out the best in you and can make you laugh and is someone you fall on for rest instead of using as a punching bag.

*fingers crossed*


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