Frequent Fooders…

I’ve decided that since I’ve become something of a boring sort of type of thing thing…I’m just going to post about the different food that I eat.

Now, when I say different I really mean, the same foods that I eat all the time. I basically eat at the same places on a rotation. Actually, sometimes I eat at the same place like five times before I decide, “ehh…that’s enough of that, where should we go now?”

Just because the food is always the same to me doesn’t mean it is always the same for you. Every time I eat now, it’ll be news to you!


Just to warn you, my peoples and I are creatures of habit. We go to the same places, and at each of those places we have a “usual” order. Our usual might be different from time to time (we can’t order the same food from the same place every time…), but basically it stays the same – especially at our favourite places to go.

I thought this would be a perfect time to start this part of my blog. October is here, which means Thanksgiving and then Christmas! Lots of get-togethers and we usually go out for lunch after church too. You all got a little sample of what and where I usually eat in past posts; it doesn’t vary much other than that :/

I’m excited!

I want to tag these posts Frequent Fooders, kinda sorta like Frequent Flyers…get it? Maybe I’ll work on it, maybe I won’t.

…hmm, what will I eat next?!


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