PBS (Lunch)

One of the restaurants that we frequent is Ga Bin.


My mom and I took L there for lunch with S and her little big baby. S looked through the menu while we just sat there staring at her. We already knew what we wanted.

Pork bone soup.


Fun fact: I used to take one bone out at a time then get a spoonful of rice and dip it in the soup. Yum! Buuuut, in Japan, K ordered this rice soup thing to end off our Korean BBQ dinner. It was so good. So good. So, the last couple of times I ordered pbs, I took out all the bones, scraped off the meat, and put my rice in the soup. Good stuff.

Last time, we went to eat PBS I shared an order with the boyfriend because we weren’t that hungry. This time when I had an order to myself it was waaaay too much. Still yummy though.

Oh, here is a picture of water.


That was for lunch. For dinner, we had dinner at MMYY’s house – just like we do every Friday. I am really struggling to remember to take pictures of my food. I did it all the time in Japan, but that’s because I was a tourist!! I remembered half way through dinner that I was supposed to take pictures, but I was all, “ehh, maybe next week.”


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