100° & Go For Tea (Late Night ‘Dinner’)

F and I went back to his house after Yorkdale to watch my new favourite show Raising Hope (oh my goodness, so funny…but I think its making us stupider*). His mom and dad and brother were going to have Swiss Chalet, but it was barely 5:30. We were still so full.

We watched my show until about 8, but I was starting to get hungry. Hot pot? I checked how much it would be for a weekend dinner. For an adult, it would cost $17.99 (plus $2 for Friday, Saturday, and Sunday). Okay, not bad. Let’s go.

In the car, it smelled like gross stinky socks. Ew. I googled what time Canadian Tire closed so we could pop in to buy so car freshener things. They closed at 7, so we just stopped at Shoppers to buy some Febreeze. Works like a charm. I don’t love the scent, but its better than gross socks.

When we got to the restaurant, it was almost 9. If we waited for 10, we would get the late night special price.

…we waited.


At 9:30, F wanted to go inside. I slapped (not really) the sillies out of him and told him just a little longer. We finally went inside and saw the late night price: $13.99 (plus $2 for weekend). Score!



Sauces, their own blend of soya sauce, and our soups. The second photo is round one (left) and round two (right).

Boyfriend likes it better at this hot pot place than the other one we go to. He says its more sanitary. Okay then. I like it because they were on the (water) ball. They refilled my glass promptly and often without my asking. Brownie points from me!

After hot pot, we met with A and went to Go For Tea. Now, as a creature of habit, bubble tea is actually the only place (that I can think of other than Starbucks…maybe Phoenix too) where I have more than one option and don’t have just one drink that I always order.


Hot taro milk black tea with a little bit (compared to a monstrous scoop) of tapioca. A always gets the same thing: milk green tea, no bubbles. F got himself (because I didn’t wanna share) a cold honey dew milk green tea.

F was practically falling asleep at the table while I was talking to A, so we mai dahn and went home.

Here is a photo or bf’s mountain of meat:


Wonder what I’ll have for lunch after church tomorrow. Maybe after a few of these posts, y’all will be able to guess!


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