Ala Kitchen (Lunch)

I got to sleep in and my mom texted both my boyfriend and me: if you wanna eat lunch be ready for noon.

At 11:20am, my phone rings and I see its F calling me. Oh my goodness, why is he waking me up?! But I wanna go have lunch, so I drag myself out of bed and get ready to go.

We went to Ala, and D and C joined us with their two girls and mama :D. J had to stay overtime at work so she couldn’t come. Sad.

We go here all the time. I think its the boyfriend’s favourite. He can never say no to Ala. It was the first restaurant we went to when I got back from Japan too.

Anyways, down to the food. (I almost forgot to take pictures and I had kinda given up the night before because I don’t like to be one of those people who takes pictures of me food -.- but D was like heeeeey are you gonna post this on your blog? Fine! I will!)

We got our usual, minus a couple of dishes.


Top left: hot and sour soup (I don’t eat this)
Top right: shrimp fried rice (I don’t eat the shrimp, lol)
Bottom left: Shanghai fried noodle
Bottom right: spicy crispy beef (I don’t eat this)

The rice and noodles are staples (or as F likes to refer to it as stable foods ;p). The crispy beef is a favourite (for others, not so much for me).


When we go with my family (more than my mom, sister, and bf), everyone indicates how many of these dumplings they want with their fingers. I usually say one or two. My cousin G usually asks for four! He’s a growing boy. Then my mom calculates how many orders we need to get. So good. So good. Best when hot and fresh and yum.


Um, yes. Yum. Apparently this noodle is marked down as spicy, but its really not (and coming from me, you know its tolerable). Vermicelli, spinach, and oh-so tender beef brisket. Mmm!!


See what a horrible blogger I am? I got so caught up with my lunch I almost missed the plate of dumplings (boyfriend’s favourite. I think it makes the meal for him). L and N gobbled these up! N ate the meat and L happily finished the skins. Silly girls.

We know the owner of this restaurant and they’re kind enough to treat us to desserts at the end of our meal. It goes back and forth between two, but today we got:


I don’t even know…they’re made from egg whites (or so my mom says). These ones have black sesame (one for me, please!) in the middle and we also got another plate of ones with red bean inside.

This meal is so filling even as a lunch that we sometimes don’t even eat dinner that night!

…but boyfriend and I went out for dinner 🙂
Read about it in the next post!


2 thoughts on “Ala Kitchen (Lunch)

  1. For the record, it’s H n S soup w wontons…yummers and baby beef ribs w vermicelli soup noodles, um my fav…ur bf just likes wht I like…yo momma knows whts good…

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