Loui’s Kouzina (Lunch), Phoenix (Lunch), & GFT (Late Night)

No, but I’m actually so bad at remembering to take pictures of my food :/

After church on Sunday, B wanted Greek. We made our way to the closest Greek place that we know (sometimes we frequent Mr. Greek, but those are a little out of the way).

We sat, got our waters (waitress was not on the water ball, sad), waited a bit and got our bread – which J and B completely demolished (as did we all).


I ordered what I always order: pork souvlaki with fries and salad (no feta; onions and tomatoes for Mom; olives for the boyfriend).


The meal actually comes with more pieces of meat, but I forgot to take a picture when it finally came so this is what you get to see.

(I’m clumping single meals together in a post so there aren’t mini tedious posts that you have to read.)

I met A for lunch (sorta, it was like 3pm) at Phoenix. Now, I wasn’t even sure if I should post about this one because I ordered something that isn’t a usual order for me. Well, its is an order that I get if I stray from my more usual orders (does that make sense?).


I don’t feel so bad taking pictures of my food when I’m with A because she always takes pictures of her food and she doesn’t even have a blog! This is some kind of noodle in soup with a fish thing and tofu stuff…I don’t know. Its a little on the boring side, but it was rainy and cloudy and gross out :/ I wanted something soupy. On the side, I had a lemon iced tea.

A called me out again to get bbt with her, but I was already settled in bed and had freshly painted nails! She was really craving it, so she went to pick it up and we sat in her car to talk for a bit.


I asked her for a green apple black tea with a little bit of bubbles. I think she said she got confused and just ordered apple not green apple, but it tasted pretty much the same – probably because of the black tea taste.

Yummy midnight snack and good talks with my girl 🙂 There aren’t that many people who can drag me out of bed with no make up on and in sweats to see them in the middle of the night!


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