Golden Shanghai (Dinner)

Golden Shanghai is completely new to us, as of last Friday. Friday was our first time there, and I didn’t like it at all. We waited forever for our food, we had to ask for water so many times, and they were not on their tea game. The dumplings had barely any soup in them, the fried noodle had no taste, the white dough thing (don’t know what its called in English) was bland.

The only redeeming dish of that day is one that I don’t even particularly like, but it is that dish that made us go back on Monday and then again on Tuesday.

I didn’t blog about it before because it wasn’t a frequent place, but after yesterday it was basically decided for me that I have to post about it.


Last night, just boyfriend and I went to go eat. We ordered two of the peanut butter noodle. A little bit spicy (I could handle it, sort of) and a lot peanut-y. I also really like this type of noodle too. Mom likes to take the leftover soup home and pour it over other noodles or rice or anything. We saved her the soup from our two bowls. After boyfriend dropped me off at home, she was wondering why there were no noodles! We asked if she wanted to come, she said nooooo.


Fried dumplings, just for F. He managed to control himself just enough to save ONE for my sister. We did ask her if she wanted to come, but she had homework and laundry so…she declined.


This order actually comes with six soup dumplings, but we ate two before I remembered to get a picture. They have been better from the first time we went. The time before this picture was the most successful and had the most soup. This time had some soup more than the first time, but no as much as the previous time. Overall: satisfactory.


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