Magic Wok (Dinner) **WARNING: Photo Heavy**

I don’t exactly know how to start this post about a restaurant that is basically part of my extended family (not really). Whenever we get together with my mom’s brother and both sisters, we go to Magic Wok. I’ve actually been here a few times even when it was just us and my mom’s one sister’s family (even with the smaller number of people – almost half – we still manage to order most of the dishes below). We’ve been known to visit other restaurants…but none as often as this place.

I could have made a collage with these pictures, but I wanted to show the dishes in all their individual goodness! Over the years, we have tried other dishes (not that many other ones) that have been good but no good enough to make it to our short list of faves.  I almost didn’t even get pictures of all the dishes because we were all so hungry and excited to eat that once the food hit the table there were chopsticks attacking it.


Soup, easy peasy. Something to tide us over (not even a little) until our next dishes come.


A veggie dish (what is this even called in English? I have no clue.). We ordered two; once it went around the table and everyone got a little bit, it was all gone. It is slightly blurry because of my anticipation to eat! We also ordered lobster. Special occasion (celebrating my uncle and cousin’s birthday) calls for fancy seafood dish (that I don’t eat).



This fish dish we used to order came with celery and snow peas. Buuuut we got all fancy and decided to stray from our norm and have been getting it with asparagus the last few times that we’ve gone. It does actually come a little fuller on the plate, but I had to spin the lazy-susan really fast to get it around to me to get a picture before it was all gone.


Pork chops.


I don’t eat this. Sweet and sour pork that boyfriend doesn’t eat anymore after one unfortunate incident.


Chicken. Mmm.


This one also got picked at before I could get to it. Beef! One time we got it with mushroom. That was good. I like mushrooms.


“Bird’s nest”. I think the nest is made out of fried taro? There’s Chinese broccoli, scallops, and mushrooms inside.


Deep friend oysters. I don’t eat this either.


More chicken.


Last but not least, our favourite. Squid. We always, always order two of this dish. We order one. Let it come to the table (order another as the waiter leaves). Demolish it.

Not pictured is our dessert: tofu fa and strawberry shortcake that my other aunt brought.

I think I’d bring boyfriend here more often to eat just the two of us…but there are so many dishes that we like to eat. If there are only two of us eating, we couldn’t possibly order that much, could we?


One thought on “Magic Wok (Dinner) **WARNING: Photo Heavy**

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