Serissa (Late Night)

I usually send boyfriend home around 10 or 11 on weeknights. He needs to wake up early, so I really should make him go home earlier…but this Thanksgiving long weekend, we got to go out “late” at night. We paid a small visit to Serissa, a bubble tea place that is slightly closer than other bbt places.


He ordered the thick toast with condense milk. The first time he had this was when S had ordered it. He only got to try it that time, and he said it was the best thing ever. F said it was even better this time because he got to have the whole thing to himself, haha. He was nice enough to share a couple of bites with me.

At first we just ordered the large milk black tea with tapioca (I usually say bubbles, but that makes me sound like a do-do) to share. We got to playing cards and talking, so we ordered a small green apple black tea to finish off the night.



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