Thanksgiving (x3) **WARNING: Long Post Ahead**

This Thanksgiving was hectic, but mostly just on Sunday. I said it all the weeks before and many times that night: we have a whole Thanksgiving long weekend, but all the dinners just HAD to be on the same night.

We had church that morning, and F and I were just going to grab a quick bite and head back to his house to wait for his aunt and grandparents to arrive. Somehow we (read: boyfriend) got convinced to join some church friends for lunch at Ala. F cannot for the life of him say no to Ala – its his favourite. We ate and ran, then headed back to his house.

His brother J was all dressed up fancy to go to his girlfriend’s grandmother’s birthday. He sat around a little bit before he had to catch the bus. The rest of us basically sat on the edge of our seats (couldn’t get too comfortable knowing we had to get up to greet the peoples soon), waiting for his family to arrive. When they did arrive, we sat around and talked and caught up while his mother ran back and forth checking on dinner.

I didn’t get any pictures of F’s dinner; it seemed out of place. We had turkey rolls, mashed potato, mashed carrots, corn, green peas, bread, and gravy. I think there might have been some cranberry stuff on the other side of the table. We started the meal with his grandmother’s soup. Oh my goodness, my favourite. I could eat that soup all day for a month…or two, or a year. I think I would say it like: that soup is to his grandmother as Jamaican soup is to my mama. Yummy in my tummy to the infinite max. I think I have a thing for soup. We stayed for a bite of dessert (mini cheesecakes, cupcakes, strudel, and pumpkin pie with coffee or tea), but then we had to run.

Boyfriend and I went to go pick up my sister from my mom’s Thanksgiving. We ran in to say hi bye and left to go to my grandmother’s house.


Stop chopping it up! Let me take a picture! …turkey.


Ham. This was so good. I wish I had been hungrier to eat more of this. So good. Also, notice the plate of veggies in the background. I didn’t get an actual picture of it…so that’s as good as it’s gonna get. Is it socially acceptable to have ham like this all year round? WANT!


My grandfather and dad were worried there wasn’t going to be enough food for errbody. They ordered this roast pig as a safety net. I didn’t check before we left so I don’t really know how much of it (if any) was left.


This is some pork dish that I don’t know how to name in English. Grandparents made that as their contribution (not that we needed them to do anything but sit there and eat and be with us) to the meal. YUM!


This is stuffing. My family’s version of stuffing. The best stuffing. A few years ago, my grandmother made everything on her own. She prepped and cooked everything. This year, my uncle, my aunt, and my dad did their part in splitting the meal up and making the different dishes on their own. My mom actually does this stuffing for the dinner with her side of the family. This year, for my dad’s dinner, my aunt (GJ) made the stuffing. Her first time. It was so good (good job!!).

GJ also made her punch which I was very happy about. Abundance of beverages and water usually makes me very happy and pleased 😀

F and I didn’t get to eat with my mom’s side, but that’s where the party is hip hop happening, so we saved it for last. Plus, they waited for us to have dessert! They had a mixed berry pie, apple pie, and a chocolate cake thing from Costco.


My slice of apple pie with ice cream. My mom cut the ice cream up like how they do it at the CNE for the waffle ice cream sandwiches. She watched them do it, and now she thinks she’s some kind of pro ice cream slicer. Silly mom.

That night, we watched part of The Croods, played Scrabble and Polyeconomy (I think that’s just my family that even knows that game exists).

As the parents get older and we get older, I felt like we should start learning and taking on the responsibility (eventually) of these dinners and famjams. I proposed that we make (Youtube) videos, so that the aunts and uncles could instruct us on how to cook these dishes that we all love to eat. That way, we’d have the hands on, face to face instruction while we make the videos TOGETHER, and we’d have the video to look back on in the future. Maybe we’ll start that at Christmas or next Thanksgiving.

… and maybe next year we’ll have better planning and scheduling.


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