Where My People At?? (And A Side Comment About BBT)

This is just a tiny little shout out – a peep if you will – to my blog followers the ones with blogs of their own and the ones who check up on mine occasionally.

My life is obviously not that interesting that I’ve resorted to blogging about food (that I ALWAYS eat) and not about my daily not-so-exciting life.

But thank you for following and reading and liking and commenting!

My sister recently started reading my blog and loves to critique and say, “really. You blogged about that?”

D also reads my blog 🙂 She mentions it and asks about it whatever chance she gets when she sees me.

I ordered this:


Honey dew milk green tea, milk black tea, and passion fruit green tea. D knew which one was for me and guess which one boyfriend and sister ordered. Haha!

You all know me so well now :’)


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