I Might Have A Drinking Problem

I had a tea (double double) from McDonalds.
I had a lemon iced tea from Phoenix.
I had a milk black tea from Go For Tea.
I had a tropical smoothie from Freshly Squeezed.
I had diet coke at Swiss Chalet.
I had water.
(I think the only thing missing from this list is Starbucks lol)

I think because I’m so reluctant to pay for water when I’m out and about I buy other drinks to try to quench my thirst…even if what I really want is water.

I try to carry a water bottle around but its so heavy and clunky in my purse, and one bottle usually isn’t enough. I like to chug my water not sip it nonviolently throughout the day. That’s not how I do!

Should I just stay home and hug my Brita all day?


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