So You Have a Boyfriend…

I try my best to avoid being that girl who can’t stop talking about her boyfriend. I try to limit what I say about him and when I mention him in conversation. But sometimes, I get a subtle “go ahead, talk about him” vibe from people, and then it just becomes a constant stream of word vomit about my boyfriend. Not too long after, I get the “mhmm, that’s nice” vibe, and I have to try to reel it back in. Sad.

That is all just to say that I’ll probably mention him a lot in the posts I write. He’s with me all the time (when we’re not at work), so he’s obviously part of what I do and write about. I’ll try not to be too cheesy, but how can I help it when he’s so cute! (heehee, you can cringe now, then stop because I was joking – while also being completely serious)

Until the next post!


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