So It Happened…

It was my last night babysitting. I’d been with her since she was two and half; now, she’s five with a new baby brother. It was a late night, I wouldn’t be home until almost 11pm. I called boyfriend on the way home to say goodnight. He’d had a long enough day, no point in having him wait until I got myself into bed before he could sleep.

I got home, went to my room to put all my stuff down. My sister had done the laundry and left the folded clothes on my bed, but there was something else different. There were packages by my closet. Had boyfriend been here? How sweet of him to drop those off 🙂 I was about to pick up my phone to message him when my mom calls from downstairs, “why is there bubble tea in the fridge?”

Wait, what?

Something was about to go down. My heart raced as I ran down the stairs to go see. There was bubble tea in the fridge, yes, with a note. I scanned it quickly, trying to get the main message – the clue. I flipped tabled and pushed things off the shelf. My mom and sister stood by taking pictures of my struggle to figure out what was going on.

BACKTRACK: Days before while I had been going through a crochet frenzy, boyfriend had wound up little clues inside my yarn balls. I had found three out of four and had no idea where they would lead me. These clues this night was fast forwarding the mystery.

I ended up back in my room, throwing this from my closet and looking through everything. I had no idea what to look for because my brain wasn’t even comprehending the clues. The only thing I got from the last clue was “under cover.”

I jumped on my bed and started to dig around my blankets. Was there another clue? Was there a ring under all the sheets? Was boyfriend hiding somewhere?

He tapped my foot.

I turned around and he was beside my bed, down on one knee.

He opened the box and asked me the question: will you marry me?

It was so unexpected. A Wednesday night. At 11pm. He did such a good job.

Here’s to us, love.

A proposal story that still makes me smile, just writing about it.


*See what I mean by completely unexpected – the messy room.


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