Wedding Planning: The Venue

Right after my fiancé proposed, I got right into wedding planning.

I really wanted to be married in November, which gave us a little less than a year to plan – almost ideal. There are two other girls at my work who are recently engaged (before me) and both of their weddings are planned for 2016. So for me to be engaged December 2014 and planning a wedding for November 2015, it seemed to be cutting it kinda close. All is well, I do pretty well under pressure 🙂

That Friday after he proposed, I searched up venues and emailed a dozen of them. I wanted rustic and woody and warm and cozy and comfy. Of course farm and wooded places like that don’t really offer November weddings. It’s a little cold for that when you live in Canada.

We found a winery. It looked really cute in the pictures. We booked the appointment and…disappointment. Fiancé’s parents were less than impressed, Mom was not so excited about it, and it was quite over our budget.

His mother suggested we look into golf clubs. Now, I knew that I didn’t want some stiffy little country club wedding, but this is my first time planning what am I supposed to know about golf clubs.

We visited a few. We liked a lot. We loved one, and that one offered a really good package. That one had a really nice wedding coordinator. That one was for us.

I don’t know if I want to talk about which one it is in this post. Maybe a post later on.

But I’m very excited about it, and that’s one thing off our checklist.

We have a date.

November 21, 2015 😀


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