Wedding Planning: The Dress

Now, I know that there are some girls who spend their entire childhood and teenage years dreaming about their wedding day – the colours, the flowers, the cake, the dress. I wasn’t one of those girls while growing up. Even when I started dating Frank, I imagined us married and spending the rest of our lives together, but a wedding and all the works – no thank you (more on that in another post perhaps).

Not having a wedding isn’t an option for us, so I’ve been going through the process of wedding planning, including finding my dress.

I had decided I’d wait until the new year to start looking for a dress. Really, I’d only gotten engaged at the beginning of December. But our wedding a mere ten months away, and the dress hunting could take a little while.

My girlfriend wanted to take me to a bridal store she had worked at many years ago and knew the owner. I thought great, some connections and people who will be happy to help me. The store was nice and had quite a few dresses to choose from; but I felt like I was too in charge of finding a dress for myself – something I really had no skill in doing which became obvious as I moved into the change room and stepped into a few dresses.

Nothing looked right. I felt gross. I was discouraged.

After an hour, we left and I asked my friend to take me back to Frank so I could go home and sleep away my dress drama.

Of course I had made this first appointment while I was on my wedding planning high, so I had made two other appointments along with it. I had another appointment ten days later.

I crossed my fingers for a better appointment. I’d heard many good things about this place. I know a lot of veteran brides who had gotten their dresses at this store (Superior Bridal), including my future mother and sister-in-law. Initially, I had invited everyone to come see dresses with me – my sisters, my cousins, my mother, my aunts, my mother-in-law – but after the dress drama at the first appointment, I uninvited all of them and only brought my one cousin, the one I’ve been with I was 3 months old.

She googled what need to be done at the dress appointment and what kind of questions to ask. She brought a notebook!

We went in and the ladies in the store were very helping. Vi stood with me at the front to ask me about my dress preferences and dressed me in her mind, trying to find a dress that would suit me.

We went upstairs, and she had found a bunch of dresses that suited what I asked for – no lace, plain, plain, plain…shape was up for debate but I want to be comfortable.

It was much easier this time. I’m a self-declared (and others have also said…) Type A personality. I made yes or no decisions for each dress I put on (there were no maybe piles), and sometimes even before it touched my body I knew if I would like it or not.

But there was this one dress. Oh my goodness. I can’t go into details because that fiance of mine like to read my blog. When Vi brought it out, I was hesitant. I didn’t like the bottom but I was willing to try. When I put it on, she mentioned the alterations possible for this dress, and when I could see in my head how this dress could be changed, I started to fall for it.

My cousin suggested Vi bring out a veil for me to try on. Vi didn’t want to bombard me with decisions on a veil but brought one out to appease us.

Let me tell you. I had my bridal moment in that veil. Tears came to my eyes, and the only thing I could think of was talking down that aisle to my love and saying those vows to be his forever and ever in God’s eyes.

Without sounding too cliche, I said yes to the dress.

Can’t wait to share it with you!


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