Wedding Planning: Bridal Party

There are only really a few people I talk to on a daily (or even weekly) basis: my fiancé, my mom, my sister, one friend, and the family I see every Friday for dinner..and that pretty much sums up my social life. Oh! There’s also the people from work; them too.

That being said, when it comes to deciding who I want to stand up with me and be part of my wedding day, there isn’t really much to choose from, nor is there anyone I really want up there except for my fiancé. That was my thought process. Of course, if he wanted to choose people to stand up with us, then I would definitely go ahead and choose some girls for my side too.

As of right now, seven months before ‘the big day’, we have no bridal party.

“What about your maid of honor and the best man?”

We have no wedding party. There will be no one up there except us and whoever is going to be marrying us.

“Oh, but you have to. You need people to sign and witness with you.”

…see the next post for the answer to that.

Other than the fact that I’d much prefer for it to be just the two (three including the pastor) of us, I feel like there are many other reasons too.

I don’t have to worry about coordinating people – logistically on the day of the wedding, for bridal party get togethers, for dresses and tuxes. I don’t have to worry about drama. I don’t have to worry about proper etiquette when it comes to what do I gift to them and what can they pay for themselves. I also don’t want to ask people to spend that extra just for our day. We are happy that they all can be there when we get married, but they don’t necessarily have to be part of it.

I know this is weird. For it to be just the two of us.

I’ve googled it far and wide. I’ve seen resounding results of “oh yeah, you don’t need a bridal party, we just had a MOH and Best Man.” I haven’t seen any where there is only the bride, groom, and officiant.

Maybe I have to look a little harder.


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