Wedding Planning: House Hunting (Blues) Edition

After he proposed, there were a lot of things to think about – mainly wedding things, but also what is going to happen after.

Where would we live?

Rent? Live with my mom? Live with my grandfather?

But then the opportunity came up that maybe we could buy a house, build a home for ourselves. We didn’t even think that was possible. Do we have enough money for that? Apparently we do; we were approved for a mortgage.

We started house hunting. We had no idea what to look for; we just knew we wanted to look somewhere in the area close to our family. We knew that would be a little hard – with our budget in this area, there isn’t really much.

It was awful. I don’t even have the words anymore for that first week of house hunting. Basically it ended in tears.

Fiancé and I decided that we needed to do something different. We couldn’t carry on with so many different opinions (at this point: my grandfather, my aunt, his mom…just to name a few). We had to do this on our own (kinda). We started to see houses just the two of us with our realtor. But still, we weren’t walking into any homes that I liked. Sure, they were nice, but I just wasn’t getting that feeling, you know?

One evening after dinner, he suggested we stretch our borders a little bit. I laughed, but then we actually started looking in that area, and we grew more and more fond of the thought of moving ‘far’ away (about an hour from home depending on traffic).

Just for the sake of argument:

The distance from ‘far away’ to his work is technically closer, even though it would probably take about the same amount of time to get there. I could always find a job in that area doing what I do; I could even apply to the school board in that area. There are a lot more options for us within our budget – bigger, newer, nicer. Despite all of the negatives – which we have thought about, discussed, and considered – we are very open to the idea of living there.

We know that it is far from family. All my family basically lives within a 15km radius from each other. That’s it. It’s far from my family, and that is something that is really, really hard to decide to move away from. Everyone is here…but we have to do what we have to do – for us.

So, we told our realtor to look there. He was shocked and didn’t hide it. My grandfather had been pretty adamant about looking close to home (where the heart it, where my family is). But since then, things have been looking up. Even though I still didn’t love all the houses we looked at, they were still better than everything we had seen close to home (and more in our price range!).

Then yesterday.

We had a few scheduled showings, but fiancé had been up early looking online for any interesting houses…and he found one. While we visited the first house, we mentioned the address to our realtor to see if he could book a last minute showing.

Let me tell you about this house (here I am breaking rule number one of house hunting: don’t get attached), I walked in and it felt different. Now, I’m not saying I love it, but I’m also not saying that this might not be the one. There are so many different things that come into play when buying a house and I know that even after things are signed and whatever its not yours until you get the key. But with all that being said, it has two garages. It has the washer/dryer on the main floor. The basement is finished. There is an ensuite for the master bedroom. There is a (nasty looking, but fixable) backyard. There are windows that let light in (I love that natural light). It is ten minutes away from his brother.

We left that house so excited. We went to see his parents right away to show them the listing online. We showed my mom next. Today, we went to see my dad and grandfather. After everyone had seen the house and I conveyed our stance on why moving so far would be a-okay, I called our realtor to book an appointment so everyone could go see it.

Of course, he says he’ll let me know when it is confirmed.

Except the next time he calls me back, its to tell me that there is a registered offer on the house and there is a good chance it could be sold tonight.

I’m blue. I’m down. We go watch Pitch Perfect 2 to brighten my mood (which works for about 10 minutes after the movie, then I’m sulking in my bed). I just had high hopes for this house. I thought it was a house that God was leading us towards. Fiancé found this listing; it wasn’t found by our realtor. It seems like a house that has everything that we wanted in a house…

The whole way home, I’m praying in my head – Lord, your will be done, guide us, be in control, give us peace in our hearts.

I sulk in my bed while looking up more houses which brings me down even more. So, I go shower to clear my head a bit.

In the shower, I feel conviction in my heart. I haven’t been trusting completely in God. I get on my knees and I pray again. I earnestly plead with God. Your will, not mine. Peace that transcends all understanding. I pray that he shows us the house that will be our home. I praise him because he is in control. I thank him for never leaving me.

I get back in bed, and I don’t look at houses. I look for other people in the same struggle as us. There’s no one else currently going through what we are, but maybe they’re on the internet.

I found this one site that kinda knocked some good sense into me. I clicked on a couple others and then I landed on this site.

I was so encouraged by that post. It was like an answered prayer. I wrote the author of that post an email to thank her and also maybe encourage her.

God is in control. He is with us and guiding us. His will be done. He will show us the house that is supposed to be our home.


One thought on “Wedding Planning: House Hunting (Blues) Edition

  1. i’m sorry to hear it is so stressful. you have many Aunts, so not sure whom you’re talking about, but I hope I haven’t added to that stress! I have lived downtown while everyone was Uptown. It’s not the same closeness. But, maybe I had to go through that to appreciate it now. Trust in the Lord. He will provide what is right. Love you!!

    (don’t approve the previous message. I took away the city name in this updated comment to leave you/me more privacy)

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