Day 41

This morning we woke up…well I think I have to start again (or at least back up a bit).

We had made plans to attend the “first annual ball hockey extravangza” (official name TBD) for January 1, 2016 at 1pm. LG (loh-gong: husband in Chinese) usually wakes up earlier than I do, and he would make me coffee or whatever – the night before I had specially requested grilled cheese!


This morning we woke up a bit later than planned. He headed to the washroom first, and I checked my phone.

My dad texted me>

Dad: We are going for dim sum. Just us.

Me: Right now?

Dad: Yes. In 20 mins. I am expecting a lineup though.

Sigh. Did I really want to rush ready just to go eat something I don’t even really like?? The answer was yes – Dad hardly ever invites us out randomly.

The next half hour we spent getting ready and trying to get my sister to answer her phone to see if she wanted to come too (she didn’t). LG made me a coffee :). I packed up his change of clothes so he would’t stink for the rest of the day after the hockey. He packed the car with the board games, my coffee, and a water bottle. Jackets on and we were out the door!

We forgot the hockey stick -.-‘ Figure it out after.

By the time we got to the restaurant (the one in the plaza beside Bowl Kee where we always get ignored), Dad, SM, and K were already seated with a few dishes on the table. Dad talked about us versus them and readying ourselves with war paint on our faces. He was really excited. I was mostly excited because the chicken wings were particularly yummy.

We left and detoured to pick something up from a FB buy and sell group, went home and got the stick and my tall Uggs, and finally eventually made our way to the church parking lot.

Of course this is when, after months of no snow, it decides to snow on us – really nicely and pretty at first…and then it just decided nope, we’re nice and fluffy and going to get all over everything. GJ even showed up with M’s mash up thumb to join the game. L only really wanted to play in the snow, silly boy.

I ended up leaving with S and big girl and baby girl to go back to the house. I told them I had to pee (true), but really the big trucks on either side of me were not doing very well at shielding me from the snow. We went back to the house and coloured 😀 We talked about drama llamas and crockpots.

That’s when LG brought M and the rest of them all came through the door. We shoved a few Timbits in our mouths, hugs goodbye, and then it was on to the next house!

We got to Yeh-yeh’s and played SIX while they played poker. Eventually everyone started to slowly remove themselves from the table and move over to the couch to watch TV. That’s when Yeh and Dad started to cook – LG hovering to see how he could help. I decided that was a good a time as ever to start preparing the table. We had a few extra guests but we still managed to all fit around the table to enjoy dinner (that started with a “happy new year!” toast).

We cleared the table and packed away food, and then reset ourselves for dessert! Cleared the table away again and settled back into some games – RISK and more poker.

LG and I gave my sister a ride home. We got home, and I changed to go out with A. On the drive to meet her at Hollywood, I got to thinking about my day and how I really want to remember days like this – family-filled days.

How many posts made on January firsts begin with apologies or excuses or new year’s resolutions? Sorry I haven’t posted in a bit. This new year I am going to blog a lot more. 

I want this post to be more than that. I want to remember what it was like after our first Christmas married. I want to remember how it felt to have all the uncles and cousins together before we went off to other countries or school or having babies.

So this is what happened on our 41st day of marriage on January 1st, 2016. It probably doesn’t matter to you – especially the tiny little whatever details that mean nothing to someone who doesn’t understand – but I want to be able to come back to this post and remember sitting in the washroom at 2 in the morning so I don’t wake my sleeping husband with the light from the laptop after such a long, family-filled day.

In case you’re wondering, Day 42 is planned for a Star Wars marathon…yippee?


3 thoughts on “Day 41

  1. I thought it was an amazing day too! so glad you blogged about it so I can come back and remember along with you. M had a great time. Tell LG thank you for taking care of him when L had to ‘go’. M & L enjoy playing with all the nephews.

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