Day 42

LG rolled out of bed this morning and went downstairs. I kept sleeping, but when he came back upstairs to ask if I was ready to wake up yet…that’s such a difficult question to answer when your bed is so comfy but you’re also so hungry :/

He started to get ready, and I checked my phone (as usual). There were no notifications – how deeply popular am I? My mom hadn’t even messaged me! I eventually summoned the effort to roll myself out of bed to start to get ready, and wouldn’t that be the perfect time for my mom to message me.

Mom: U guys wanna do something? I was planning to go to Walmart and put in my 2000 pics…eat?

Apparently my aunt had also messaged my mom at the same time to see if she wanted to have lunch together. Too lazy to figure it out, LG called Mom to devise a plan: best case scenario would be to not go to Walmart and wait for her gajillion pictures! It turned out that my cousin can’t have the food at Bambi, so they were going to have Greek instead (which sounded bomb dot com but that might have just been because I wanted to shove food in my face).

We drove over to Mom’s with my coffee and a water bottle of course. Mom likes to take one car when we go out – it does make sense, if you think about it. Mom was already in her car waiting for us. I hopped in as LG parked the car up against the curb. Mom motioned to him to put the bag of chips we had left at her house the week before back in our car to take home. My sister came out of the house, and finally we were ready to leave – you’d think we had a dozen children to ready and load into the car!

Mom was trying to decide whether to get gas first and then eat or vice versa. At this point, it was already almost 1pm, and I just wanted to eat.

We drive down to Scarborough to eat at Bambi (my nickname for the restaurant). LG, J, and I jumped out of the car to grab a number for a table while Mom drove around to find a parking spot. Just as I started to pivot my body away from the car toward the restaurant, I heard a, “hey! hey!” My keen spidey senses located the voice immediately 😀 It was K and D! We hadn’t seen them since the church picnic that summer. LG and I had just a teeny chat with the two of them because it was chilly and cold and brr!

Me and J waited inside for our number to be called. It wasn’t that long of a wait, but Mom and J still managed to find the time to be silly with each other, peaking through the little window that separated us. I somehow got caught up in the middle having to translate Mom’s sign language. SIGH!

For the record, new year new bowl of noodles and a new drink order. I actually ordered the same soup base and toppings, but I got hoh fun instead of the mai seen; and I got dong lai cha instead of my usual diet coke to counter the spicy soup. The four of us also shared the chicken wings, fried pork chop, and fried fish fillet.

We talked about how Mom has been having dreams of me and LG having babies and the fact that I dreamed the night before that E was pregnant with a baby girl. We talked about periods and struggled with periods and child-bearing hips that help with childbirth so we don’t have to be cut open. Mom has always said since I was 12 years old that I have child-bearing hips. Thanks, Mom.

On the way home from lunch, Mom got gas, and LG and I fell asleep in the car (we’re grownups, promise).

I was so, so tempted to get straight back into bed when we got home again, but as I promised, we have been sitting on this big, comfy couch watching Star Wars ALL DAY LONG. I’m told these are the first three movies for the story but not the first three that came out. Whatevs.

I fell asleep during the first one. We took a break during the second one, so that LG could go back to Mom’s to pick up a hair straightener for me while I heated up some leftover curry from last night with macaroni and reheated some wings from when I went out later with A. Oh, I washed the dishes too 🙂 LG helped me straighten my hair while we finished the second movie. After this hair cut, the hairs at the back are so short that I’m finding it awkward to reach back there with the straightener, especially without standing in front of the mirror. He did a really good job; I went from looking like I was falling apart to being all oh this, I woke up like that. That brought us to the third movie (finally).

We decided that Yoda reminds us of my YP. They both know so much and get what’s going on, but when they open their mouths to talk it’s always a little hard to understand what they’re trying to say.

So now it isn’t 2 in the morning, and I’m blogging from the couch during the third movie. Really, I’m just waiting for Padme to have those babies (spoiler alert?). I’m actually starting to think that maybe I might enjoy Lord of the Rings more than this, but if I say that out loud I’d probably regret it immediately. For the record, I do enjoy Star Trek though; at least the last two that most recently came out with Chris Pine and Zoe and Zach what’s-his-name.

I guess the Star Wars movie that just came out really wasn’t all that bad. I prefer it over these three that I just spent my day ‘watching’.

Maybe I just need a snack. I’m feeling something sweet though (probably because of those sugar cookies my sister snapped me earlier), and all we have in house is salty. Sad.


I have ice cream sandwiches!

EDIT: LG made me a smoothie 🙂


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