Day 43

I managed to get out of bed relatively on time this morning for church. LG helped my straighten my crazy hair (well, really he just tamed it because we had straightened most of it last night during Star Wars).

Dressed with coffee and water bottle ready, we got in the car and made our way to church. The Pastor talked about we don’t mix the new with the old, referring to the passage in Matthew 9.

While people were helping to reset the tables and chairs, the rest of us were trying to figure out what to have to lunch! It took us a really long time to decide; so to keep the word count on this post short, we decided to have Greek.

E and S came in our car. The four of us arrived first and then Mom, J, ABM, G and L trickled in shortly after. I must add here that although the food was pretty yummy, I was no happy with the service at all. I had the sourest face on whenever the waiter came around the table. I don’t really want to get into it here; perhaps I’ll post a review on Yelp or do a separate post about it.

When we had finished eating, E, S, LG, and I went to the mall to return the necklace he had bought for me for Christmas (must too extravagant and unnecessary – although really, really pretty – for a newly married couple with a mortgage and bills to pay). Ran in and ran out, went back to E’s old house. Me and E dropped our stuff and ran upstairs to jump on B who was still in bed (LG and S started to play some football game on the Playstation…3?).

B was in pain because she had slipped and bumped her bum and back really hard on some black ice. She smelled like Chinese medicine, hopefully it helped! After a bit, we convinced her to come downstairs so we can look through E and S’s wedding pictures that they just got back. The pictures looked really nice, and E was so beautiful and happy! I can’t wait to get our photos back…patience.

We finished all the photos, and B ran back up to bed. LG and S were in the third quarter and the score was tied at 42. S had the ball really close to the [touchdown] line, but somehow LG interecepted it and ran and ran and ran all the way to the other side!

The four of us sat around the table to start what we had originally come over to do – play Catan, but the card version. We had freshly popped (special ingredient oil) popcorn, After Eight chocolate, and a salted caramel chocolate bar to snack on. Oh, and warm water. For some reason (maybe the lack of ice or a Brita in the fridge), I always crave warm water when I’m at that house. S won both times -.-

We left after two games to go have dinner and went from dinner straight home. LG had been off for two weeks and lost his habit of waking up at 5am. We had to get to bed early so that he could get enough sleep.


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