Day 44

As I thought, LG had trouble waking up this morning. I literally had to kick him [read: push him with my feet] out of bed. We had made a pile of work clothes for him to wear last night because he’s usually a bit loopy the first ten minutes or so rolling out of bed.

This was 5am. I tried my hardest to hide myself from the washroom light as he got ready. He got ready and went outside to switch the cars around. He came back in to get something. Left. Came back in to get something else. Left for a longer time. He came back again because he forget his wallet. Sigh. I had to get out of bed this time to bring it downstairs for him.

Guess it was time for me to wake up at 5:30am (sad).

Weekdays are dull, full of work an whatnot. So we’ll skip to dinner.

Long, long ago when we first got married and after we got back from our honeymoon in Aruba, we went to Costco and bought a cartload of stuff – including salmon. That same night many, many months ago (but actually it was the beginning of December), we portioned the fish and meats to be frozen.

Skip forward to now, we hadn’t done any grocery shopping over the holidays. Because of all the family dinners and going out, we had leftovers to last a while…which meant reverting to the food in the freezer for dinner.

I’m always home before LG. Even if I’m home late, he’s still home later. He comes home from far away and his day ends later too. That means that dinner is my job 😀

I prepared the salmon, washed the rice, and got a pot of water ready to boil…all ready to start cooking as he made his way home.

I’ve never actually made salmon before…

I was going to try to pan fry it like my dad does sometimes, but the last time I tried to fry something in this house on my own it did not go well at all. Long story. Instead, I channeled my inner Japanese-self (which really doesn’t exist besides the memories from my trip to Japan back in 2013), and attempted to prepare it like my aunt did when I visited.

I got out the tin foil and laid the salmon on it. Salted it lightly (since it was frozen in salt water, as per google instructions) and added some pepper. I cut up a liiiiiiittle bit of onion and placed it on top of the salmon. My aunt added enoki mushrooms too, but alas there was none in the house. Added a few baby globs of butter and then drizzled on some soy sauce. Made a little tin foil hut and put it in the oven.

When LG messaged to tell me he was just about home, I turned on the stove and got the rice and water boiling. I set the stove and got the green beans out from the freezer.

By the time he got home, the rice and green beans were done. I gave the salmon a couple of minutes more as he slowly took off his hundreds of layers. Together we set the table, dished out the rice, and got our water ready to drink.

It was nice to have dinner at home just the two of us again 🙂

Now to think about what to eat tomorrow…




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