Day 46

Wednesday evenings, I babysit and LG has dinner with his parents and two brothers.

I usually pack something leftover from the other night or bring a few snacks to hold me over until I get home.

Tonight, LG brought home some of my MIL’s homemade cannelloni for me. It was bomb dot com. There was extra sauce on top too that we didn’t want to go to waste so we took out the leftover macaroni from last night’s soup and mixed it in.



LG also surprised me with a smoothie 😀 While I was at Walmart the other day, I also picked up some more milk, yogurt, frozen fruits, and bananas…all of which he threw in. The banana was a wonderful surprise since I’m all about that banana life.

**See my Japan posts to read about how banana crazy I was in August and September 2013. Don’t even get me started on my banana caramel blizzards at DQ**



We cleaned up a bit and then I made some rice on the stove. We had decided that we would have fried rice tomorrow with the leftover chicken and vegetables in the fridge.

I really only need to cook Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday. Wednesday’s I babysit and he eats with his parents; and every Friday we have Friday Night Dinner (FND) with my grandfather and Dad’s side (most often the highlight of my week). On the weekends, our schedules are off so we either have a really late lunch so that we’re not super hungry enough for dinner or we have a dinner with family planned.

Cross your fingers my fried rice turns out bomb tomorrow!


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