Day 47

You know what, my fried rice turned out fantastic (if I do say so myself).

It was mostly all ready to go and all I had to do was mix it all together and season it a bit.

I took out the rice that was cooked last night. I cut the shredded chicken into smaller pieces. I boiled the green beans and cut them up too. I took the mushrooms out from the fridge. Got my sauces, salt, and garlic powder from the cupboards.

When he was just about home, I threw it all in a bit pot (I tend to have rice spillage from all the mixing if I use anything more shallow than a pot) and mixed it up. Oh, and then I scrambled a few eggs on the side and added it into the pot too!

For dessert we had these two bite cinnamon rolls that I bough spontaneously at Walmart the other day. I microwaved them for 14 seconds…perfection. I wish I was good at baking and could make stuff like by myself. I’ve been having a real sweet tooth lately.

Tomorrow is FND (Friday Night Dinner) at Yeh-yeh’s house. I wonder what he’s going to cook up this week! Sometimes if LG gets home a bit earlier from work, we go over early and LG is apprentice to YY’s master; but that doesn’t happen very often. We just have to help out in other ways, other than cooking.



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