Day 48

Friday, Friday, gotta get down on Friday! That was a real thing right? Like I’m not just remembering some weird thing that I made up in my head? Nope, just checked on Youtube. Totally an actual real thing that is part of our history now (btw, she is still making videos…who knew). Sigh.


LG got off work early today and came home with Chatime! I have been wanting it; well, I’ve been wanting it since the last time I had it lol. Exciting!

He showered quickly, and we went to pick up my sister. In case you were wondering, we only brought a water bottle this time – no coffee.

We were early! Since LG usually doesn’t get home until 6:30ish (and by the time he showers, we pick up my sister, and drive down to YY’s), we don’t usually get to my grandfather’s until almost 7:30. Today, we were one of the first to arrive – other than my dad.

I set up shop [read: set up the table] to do my grandfather’s pills. I had been in the habit of doing them for a little while actually, but since I made a careless error once a few months ago I stopped and let my aunt continue (she was always the one who did it before anyways). I stopped because I didn’t even realize that I made a mistake the last time – good thing he always checks before he takes the medication. A while had passed and I felt confident enough to start again plus I was early, so I got to work. The first time I did the pills last year, I created a new list to follow; not new new, but it was in a different format than the one my aunt had created. He takes the most pills during the day (on the AM side). So I line all of those up according to the list and then set aside the evening pills. Then I go through the pills one by one, always checking the name and dosage. The mistake I made last time was that two of his pills are taking every other day. In my over confidence swiftness, I put those two medications in every day instead. Today, I made sure that I put them in the correct days, and when I was finished I double checked that all of the medication was right.


LG started to help cook at this point. I sat for a bit. When it seemed like there was a small break in the kitchen, I counted out the plates (6 or 7), bowls (4 or 5 rice bowls, 1 shallow bowl, 1 deep bowl), forks and knives (6 or 7), chopsticks (number of rice bowls plus 2 sets), baby spoons (2), and serving spoons (according to the number of dishes on the table). I set the dishes aside by the rice cooker ready for when it was time to dish out the rice. Usually while I’m doing this, I delegate to either sister or LG to set the table – put the lazy susan back in the middle and put out the place mats – sometimes I end up doing this too. And because people always seem to forget where everyone sits except for themselves (even though it is ALWAYS the same – give or take a few visitors when I, LG, or my sister lose a seat at the table), I’ll set out the eating utensils too.

As the final dish is being cooked, the other dishes in the warming tray in the oven will be taken over to the table. This is when I start to dish out the rice.

Now, for FNDs I probably won’t name every dish because I don’t know how to call it in English. I’ll probably just try to describe it.

Starting with the dish with the person (my aunt getting food for my little cousins, who unfortunately can’t sit with us…they get to sit at the little kids table – except there’s only two of them) holding the spoon – this dish is a steamed pork in a black bean and garlic and some other stuff sauce. Clockwise from that is lightly boiled Romaine lettuce with prince mushrooms. Beside that is some kind of tongue – don’t make a face, that’s rude (I feel you though, but still). Above that is Dad’s jerk pork (bomb dot com). Usually this is much too spicy for me to eat, but today it was manageable. Okay, maybe when he’s made this previously I’ve been too chicken to eat it until the last few times when I’ve actually tried and I’m just getting used to the spice. Bravo, me! The same veggie dish and then more jerk pork. Then we get to a stir-fry of some sort with green pepper, onion, and beef.

I ate everything other than the tongue. I just can’t. LG ate it though, and he said it was yummy. :/ I don’t know about him…



Then, since apparently dessert is now a thing at FND, we scavenged the freezer for some sweets. We pulled out this tiny little Drumsticks. UGH, so cute. I had a regular size one, but I couldn’t help but take a picture of these little things 😀


Saturday tomorrow.

Always a mystery what we end up eating on the weekend. I have a feeling we’re gonna go to sushi though…probably on Sunday. Wanna bet?


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